Campaigns Using VoteRockIt

Lucas Roebuck for State Representative
Get out the Vote with Push Notifications
Get Out the Vote

Use push notifications to engage your voters

How many times have you heard, “Oh no, I forgot to vote!” Now you can remind your advocates to go out and vote. Engage your advocates throughout the election cycle. Respond to issues in real time directly on their smartphone. Every download creates a communication bridge directly to your voters. In coming elections push notifications will be an essential tool to get elected.
Mobilize Your Volunteers

Turn advocates into volunteers with crowd canvasing

Augment information from your voter file by asking your volunteers and advocates for help canvasing. Advocates can talk to their neighbors and find out who is voting for you or your opponent. All data can be imported and exported from Excel or CSV. Use our dashboard to see a high level overview of your ground campaign.
Raise Money
Raise Money

Accept donations on your favorite platform

Mobile donations are on the rise. Advocates respond to issues in the media by donating to campaigns that they support. Mobile app usage continues to outpace web site usage. Meet users where they spend their time, on their smartphone. Any mobile friendly web site will work inside the VoteRockIt app.

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Live Demo

Meet John Taylor

He’s our sample candidate. If he was running for office, he’d have an edge over his competition by engaging his advocates, raising money, and reminding them to go vote on election day.

Fully configurable look and feel
  • logo
  • colors
  • hero images
  • icons
  • splash screen
Click “Tap to Play” to open the app. Tap “I’m voting for John Taylor” to see all of the options for advocates and volunteers
  • Accept donations
  • Users can volunteer without leaving their neighborhood
  • Send a push notification to Go Vote! on election day
  • Advocates can spread the word via contact list, Facebook, and Twitter

Android version is coming soon!

  • The app is more than just a mobile version of our main campaign site, we want to ensure that our campaign is taking advantage of every resource to reach voters and are excited to be utilizing a dedicated mobile app.

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Our pricing tiers are built to grow with you. Start with the standard plan, and move up as you run in bigger races.

Start Engaging Voters



$500 per platform per year

  • Accept Donations
  • Connect to your WordPress blog
  • Connect to your Drupal blog
  • Share your Platform Issues
  • Fully Customizable
  • Manage your campaign on your phone
  • Available on iPhone
  • Coming soon to Android

Great for Canvasing

Ground Campaign

Ground Campaign

$3,750 per year

  • Accept Donations
  • Connect to your WordPress blog
  • Connect to your Drupal blog
  • Share your Platform Issues
  • Fully Customizable
  • Manage your campaign on your phone
  • Send push notifications
  • Remind users to vote on election day
  • Spread the word with Facebook
  • Spread the word with Twitter
  • Spread the word with Text Message
  • Canvas neighborhoods talking to voters
  • Upload a list of your voters and see them on a map
  • Send volunteers door to door collecting data
  • View data in charts and graphs
  • Export data to Excel
  • Available on iPhone and iPad
  • Combine with Standard or Get Out the Vote for Android


Can I upload my own voter list?

Yes, you can upload any list of names of addresses exported into CSV format. Keep your lists in NationBuilder, Excel, Access, or online.

What donation platforms are supported?

Your app will work with any donation platform that works with your web site. If you can find your donation page online, we can integrate it into the app. Known integrations that are supported include: Anedot, NationBuilder,, and RaiseTheMoney. We also are integrated with Stripe if you’re on an iPhone.

Can I connect VoteRockIt to my NationBuilder account?

Not yet, but we will have full NationBuilder integration soon.

When is Android going to be available?

Android will be available early in the second quarter of 2014.

Is there an iPad version?

Yes, the iPad version is for your volunteers who want to help you with your ground campaign. Volunteers can see a list of voters from your voter file who are in the nearby neighborhood. Potential voters can be marked as voting, not voting, or undecided and associate notes with them.

Can I create walk lists for my volunteers?

Volunteers can download the app to their iPhone or iPad and see any potential voter in their map view. Currently volunteers cannot be assigned a specific walk list, but the app automatically picks up lists based on your GPS location. We are working towards integrating a full canvasing tool for iPad.

Can I keep the app after I get elected?

Absolutely! It’s important that you engage your electorate throughout elections and through your term. Continue building your base of advocates as you grow your candidacy.